The Crash Post #6


          I remember seeing huge, bright lights in front of me, and in slow motion I tried to turn my wheel and get control of the car, but it was too late.  I hit the van head on and the impact flipped the van over its roof side several times, sending it bouncing down the highway.   The hit propelled me back into my lane and sent me flying into the outer guardrail, where my little Geo Storm finally gave out from the smash.  From this impact my airbag exploded in my face and as I felt the heat, the next thing I knew was that my upper body was hanging out the front door, a door that wasn’t even there anymore.  I vividly remember seeing pitch black, feeling that I wasn’t even in the car anymore, wasn’t in this world anymore, until I felt a hand pulling me up and set me sitting upright in the car.  I was stunned and baffled, but I immediately jumped out of the car stumbling to see what happened to the van, the van that was in the middle of the highway turned on top of its roof.  I saw the flashing lights of the ambulance rushing to them, as I heard the voices of my friends approaching me.  I looked back at my car to see the damage and to my ultimate surprise and devastation, my car was completely squished in.  I couldn’t believe what I foolishly did, couldn’t believe that I harmed other people, and couldn’t believe that I survived it.  The ambulance came and swooped me away as I fell faintly into the paramedic’s arms.  I woke up in the hospital to my parents hovered over me and in the background, they were wheeling around one of the victims of the van that I crashed into.  I asked my parents what happened to the passengers in the van, and my parents reassured me that all four passengers were okay.  I had only suffered from a concussion, slight scrapes and bruises, and an aching back.  The doctor said that he didn’t know how I didn’t get severely burned from the airbag, but I was too busy wondering who that hand belonged to that saved me from this stupid mistake.  My near death experience occurred in the summer of 1999, when I was working at a catering hall in New Rochelle.  I was friends with a lot of the guys that worked there since we all lived in Queens.  After work we would usually, follow each other home, on this doomed night we all decided to race each other home.  Me being a tomboy and a great driver myself, I had to take on the challenge to show the boys up.  Speeding on the highway through the Bronx, the highway instantly merged from two lanes to one lane with opposite traffic on the other lane.  I was neck and neck with my friend’s car before I noticed the merge and had to make a quick decision in a split second.  I immediately downshifted and let him go ahead of me so we didn’t crash into each other.  At this moment the car behind me, who was one of my friends that I was beating, panicked and hit my car, throwing me onto the opposite oncoming traffic, and colliding with the van.    This fatal accident has taught me to never race again and the only racing that I partake in is watching it in the movies.

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