Highlights from Chapter XX Post #9

       Several interesting concepts piqued my interest in Chapter 20 of, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra.  First off, why haven’t we still not met “the incomparable lady Dulcinea” (Cervantes 155)?  And how can we never meet a character that has so much impact on our main characters life of knight errantry?  Although the original Aldonza Lorenzo does exist, Don Quixote has created his fair princess Dulcinea as an extension of her and in his mind is the most beautiful princess in all the lands.  Don Quixote has used figural characterization to create the character of Dulcinea and although he has never met her, she motivates him to conquer all of his adventures, and although as a physical character she is absent from this novel, we know who she is and how important her role is.  

       I also enjoyed the section where Sancho outwits Don Quixote, another example of Sancho as a round character.  To stop Don Quixote from continuing his adventure of finding water in the darkness of the night, Sancho ties Rocinante’s hind legs together so that Don Quixote couldn’t leave.  Don Quixote had no idea why Rocinante wasn’t moving and finally gives up. 

       In this chapter, Sancho also has a major accident where he has a serious case of diarrhea, so serious that he can’t hold it, and I guess is too afraid to excuse himself to relieve himself, that he ultimately releases his pains on himself, in front of Don Quixote.   Questions were raised in class as to the humor of poop jokes, and I guess it’s funny because everyone does it and can relate to it.  This humor makes light of a nasty, unpredictable and natural disposal that sets the stage for countless topics surrounding the main topic.  For Miguel Cervantes to include this passage it allows the readers to see the characters as real people experiencing real things that we go through and sometimes can’t control.

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