Don Q Gets Three Stars! Post #10

       I was initially intimidated by the overwhelming size of  The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, written by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, and I never got past that.  Perhaps if I read this book at my own leisure than it would’ve interested me more, but since there were deadlines assigned to reading it, I found myself reading the book just to get it done.  I did however enjoy the language used, the old school syntax appealed to me and felt almost romanticized, even when the stories were about funny or tragic situations.  I loved Don Quixote’s imagination throughout the book, and how everything he saw he turned into an adventure.  But after a while I was like how stupid can he be to actually not see the reality truly going on!  I also enjoyed the role of Sancho Panza, his character had many layers, for he was not only a dedicated squire, but he stood up to Don Quixote and his madness as well.  Other than that this book was just okay since it felt more of a job to read then anything and it became more of a hassle to read than an entertainment source.  Maybe at another time, at my pace I could’ve enjoyed it more but I rushed through the book to get it done and in the end reading it was simply just an assignment.

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