The Importance of Narratology Post #11

Why is Narratology Useful for Interpreting Literature?

            I think narratology is important because it allows the reader to understand the different levels of the story from the author’s point of view.  It allows you to breakdown the story and dig deeper into it rather than simply reading the story for its overall meaning.  This enables the reader to comprehend the structure of an author’s work and see their motive for writing the story the specific way they did, because there are reasons authors write a certain way.  Narratology also conveys larger hidden messages within the whole text that may seem subtle or even absent to an ignorant reader.  One can see the functionality through narratology separate from the story itself.  There are a lot of intricate terms and subcategories that make up Jahn’s narratological guide which can confuse someone, but I found it more helpful to use these applications to smaller sections of the text one at a time, rather than the entire content as a whole.  With this, I have a better understanding of the narratological concepts and can apply it to references in books.

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