Allen, J. J. “The Governorship of Sancho and Don Quijote\’s Chivalric Career”. Revista Hispánica Moderna Ano 38, No. 4 (1974/1975):141-152. Print.

This essay is an attempt to elucidate the parallels between Sancho’s governorship and Don Quijote’s career, and to indicate what is being foreshadowed in the treatment of the untimely end of the squire’s brief moment of glory.

El Saffar, Ruth. “Apropos of Don Quixote: Hero or Fool?” MLN Vol. 85, No. 2, Hispanic Issue (1970): 269- 273. Print.

In Allen’s case the analysis is organized around the problem of discovering the ethical structure of Don Quixote. The study is motivated by the hope that recent critical techniques of the type used by Wayne Booth, Sheldon Sacks, and E. C. Riley can provide a clear-cut solution to the fundamental critical disagreement over who Don Quixote really is and what Cervantes intends the reader to feel on reading the novel.  Since, as Allen points out, Cervantes discloses little overtly, his intentions must be uncovered by analyzing the subtle way he juxtaposes scenes, uses language, and controls, through levels of fiction, the reader’s basic orientation.

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