The Knight in Shining Armor Post #5

     Jahn discusses the narrative style of stream of consciousness where the narrator portrays the “disjointed character of mental processes and the layering and merging of central and peripheral levels of awareness” (Jahn N8.8).  This term is used “for the textual rendering of mental processes, especially any attempt to capture the random, irregular, disjointed, associative and incoherent character of these processes”(Jahn N8.8). In the novel, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the narrator uses stream of consciousness to explain Don Quixote’s craziness.  He reveals, “The idea that this whole fabric of famous fabrications was real so established itself in his mind that no history in the world was truer for him” (Cervantes 27).  Don Quixote is so consumed in his fictional stories of exaggeration, fantasy, and make-believe that he has begun believing everything he has read.  He has entered this world where all of his favorite stories have collided and took over his mental state.  Through stream of consciousness, the narrator shows that Don Quixote’s reality is in another world and his sane being is not present in his life in the real, true world.  Don Quixote enjoys the fantasy world of knights and princesses, because the books he has read has made their world appear so magical, so exciting for him.  He has encountered one entertaining tale after the other and has built a fictional world for him to live in.  The reality that he has created is what’s real to him now, and all of his knowledge and history derive from this new world since this is his new reality.  The fabric of the made-up lies he embraces has kept him clothed, covered, and sheltered in his true existence.

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Too Fast, Too Furious Post #4

                   In the summer of 1999, I was working at a catering hall in New Rochelle.  I was friends with a lot of the guys that worked there since we all lived in Queens.  After work we would usually, follow each other home, on this doomed night we all decided to race each other home.  Me being a tomboy and a great driver myself, I had to take on the challenge to show the boys up.  Speeding on the highway through the Bronx, the highway instantly merged from two lanes to one lane with opposite traffic on the other lane.  I was neck and neck with my friend’s car before I noticed the merge and had to make a quick decision in a split second.  I immediately downshifted and let him go ahead of me so we didn’t crash into each other.  At this moment the car behind me, who was one of my friends that I was beating, panicked and hit my car, throwing me onto the opposite oncoming traffic.  I remember seeing huge, bright lights in front of me, and in slow motion I tried to turn my wheel and get control of the car, but it was too late.  I hit the van head on and the impact flipped the van over the roof side several times, sending it bouncing down the highway.   The hit propelled me back into my lane and sent me flying into the outer guardrail, where my little Geo Storm finally gave out from the smash.  From this impact my airbag exploded in my face and as I felt the heat, the next thing I knew was that my upper body was hanging out the front door, a door that wasn’t even there anymore.  I vividly remember seeing pitch black, feeling that I wasn’t even in the car anymore, wasn’t in this world anymore, until I felt a hand pulling me up and set me sitting upright in the car.  I was stunned and baffled, but I immediately jumped out of the car stumbling to see what happened to the van, the van that was in the middle of the highway turned on top of its roof.  I saw the flashing lights of the ambulance rushing to them, as I heard the voices of my friends approaching me.  I looked back at my car to see the damage and to my ultimate surprise and devastation, my car was completely squished in.  I couldn’t believe what I foolishly did, couldn’t believe that I harmed other people, and couldn’t believe that I survived it.  The ambulance came and swooped me away as I fell faintly into the paramedic’s arms.  I woke up in the hospital to my parents hovered over me and in the background, they were wheeling around one of the victims of the van that I crashed into.  I asked my parents what happened to the passengers in the van, and my parents reassured me that all four passengers were okay.  I had only suffered from a concussion, slight scrapes and bruises, and an aching back.  The doctor said that he didn’t know how I didn’t get severely burned from the airbag, but I was too busy wondering who that hand belonged to that saved me from this stupid mistake.  My near death accident has taught me to never race again and the only racing that I partake in is watching it in the movies.

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I Need to Start Reading More Books! Post #3

     This writing exercise made me realize how much I need to start reading books!  I enjoy reading and I have no problem reading books assigned in classes, but in my personal life I’m too busy or disinterested in reading books.  Unfortunately, I spend my rare free time either watching television, listening to music, or playing video games!  I have neither a favorite book, nor a favorite author and I found it extremely difficult to produce a title of a book and an author that entertains me.  I would prefer reading genres of romance, comedy, and suspense, books that are presented in a flowing manner rather than the confusing stories we have read in class thus far.  The last book that I can recall reading in my free time was “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” written by Chelsea Handler about two years ago on a long flight to Egypt.  Since I didn’t want to be judged on my reading selection, lol, I decided to write about a novel I read in last semester’s American Literature course.  I enjoyed reading “My Antonia’ written by Willa Cather because I enjoyed the characters and their experiences of surviving a new life in America and being stereotyped for being immigrants.  The story is mainly told from one POV and flows comprehensibly throughout the novel.  I like to find the hidden meanings within the texts that piece together the themes in the story, but where those meanings don’t baffle me to the point where I miss the entire meaning and purpose of those words as in “She Lives in a Story.”  I plan on looking into reading a book every so often where I can appreciate different styles of writing to understand what kind of literature I appreciate the most.

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Samperio’s Mindf*ck Post #2

     “I write that he writes a story that I live in” (Samperio 60).  At first glance, this phrase seems as puzzling as a tongue twister.  But after intricate dissection and applying it to the overall theme of “She Lived in a Story,” I began to comprehend the meaning of Guillermo Samperio’s words.  A story containing three different stories that all intertwine, Ofelia writes the last section of the story, after she has already been created by Guillermo Segovia.  In Segovia’s story, he has designed the character Ofelia as an awakened character who intensely feels that someone is watching her, controlling her.  Ofelia has now realized that someone possesses her and she feels that she is connected to Segovia and his writings.  Although foreign to her, Ofelia doesn’t feel scared in this parallel world and it compels her to write her own version of the story.  Within this quote, Ofelia has succumbed to the idea that she is in fact writing Segovia’s story where she is the main character.  Segovia has written a story about Ofelia, which she in turn sees and is writing.  This concept is hard to understand and I couldn’t help to think that Samperio was playing tricks with my mind.  To make things more confusing, Samperio’s strategy actually flows in the following manner: he writes a story where Sagovia lives in, Sagovia writes the story where Ofelia lives in, and Ofelia writes a story where both Sagovia and Samperio live in!

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What is Real? Post #1

     In “She Lives in a Story” written by Guillermo Samperio, he expresses the theme of his story in this quote:

“In one way or another actors live in the text. They live the part they were given to play and they also live the text; they do not embody anyone at all. In the theater they live in literature for a brief moment. In motion pictures, some of their moments endure with a tendency toward the infinite. Dramatists have written plays in an attempt to approach the ancient dream of the fiction writer: that human beings live in their texts. Thus, artistic creation transcends the imaginary level in order to achieve reality. In regard to my own concept, the movement is reversed; that is, reality moves toward the imaginary.”(Samperio 56)

Samperio is revealing to his audience his mastermind behind the purpose of this story.  He is explaining his writing technique and giving his readers a prelude to what his story is about and what he hopes his readers will take away from his tale.  He compares his innovative style to that of actors and playwrights in their respected trade.  He believes that actors, although they immerse themselves into their roles, and their roles are real to them for the moment, they play many different roles and can never truly represent one character.  A stage actor’s reality is the part they play for the length of their show’s run.  Reality for actors in movies can inhabit a different level of reality, where their roles can blur and blend into their personal lives and create a new reality for them, for instance like Heath Ledger when he played the role of the Joker.  Actors can get stuck in the roles they play and even become a type actor who only plays a certain type of character.   Samperio further explains how playwrights and writers create stories where their characters can reflect real people so that their audience can relate and sympathize with them.  He feels that these writers attempt to achieve this tactic by creating an imaginary story with characters so believable that an audience perceives them as real.  A good writer can create a new world that is so plausible that the readers begin to believe it’s real.  Samperio has a different perspective when writing “She Lives in a Story.”  He chooses to write in the opposite manner by taking a real situation and bringing elements of fantasy into it, making the story surreal.  He takes a real situation and confuses the reader into seeing it in depths of an imaginary world.  He gives you a real story but extends that story to an imaginary concept.   In any case, the writer lives in the text they write and have the power to project their own purpose they want the story to convey.

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Hello world!

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